Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Lengthy Soap Opera

Eliza, an upper-class girl, falls in love with and marries Matt, a working-class boy. Both have careers that take off; hers in the magazine world, his in real estate development. Along the way they have a child, Emmie, and predictably grow apart.

I found this book much too long. The first two sections, Love and Marriage, are primarily backstory. The final third of the book, Divorce, is where the action takes place. The acrimonious divorce and custody battle are quite well done. I think the book would have been much improved if the first two sections had been removed and the information used sparingly in the third section as backstory.

On the positive side the book deals with issues of class differences and the problems of being a mother and having a career. However, they're not unique enough to save the book. The characters are uninteresting and the story drags.

If you love soap operas, this may be the book for you. If not, give it a miss.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program: More Than You Know by Penny Vincenzi.