Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Archaeological Expedition Plagued by a Curse

Jeremy Logan, an enigmalogist, is recruited to discover what is behind the curse that threatens Porter Stone's expedition to locate the tomb of Narmer, Egypt's first pharaoh. The tomb is purported to be located in the Sudd, a dismal, almost impassible, swamp located in northern Sudan. As the expedition comes closer to finding the site of the tomb, accidents happen. At first, people are only frightened or injured, but the accidents rapidly turn lethal. Events become particularly scary when the team finally enters the tomb hoping to find the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt.

This is a fun read, particularly if you're a fan of anything to do with ancient Egypt. The author points out that much of the history is not factual, but it's close enough to typical Egyptian history to make the novel believable. The characters are well drawn and interesting. It's one of the factors that keeps you reading even though the plot and who-done-it are easy to figure out.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it for escapist or beach reading. It's a fast paced thriller that will keep you entertained.

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