Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Touch of the Paranormal

On his twenty-first birthday Sean Corrigan receives the diary of an uncle he didn't know he had. Uncle Michael fled the US to avoid a murder charge. With his father's encouragement, Sean goes to Ireland to try to discover what happened to his uncle. In Ireland things become very strange. Sean has dreams that seem to relate to another time. He half remembers the people he meets. His cousin Anne tries to help him understand that things are not always what they seem. Some people can actually remember their past lives and the people you meet in this life may have been with you before.

I found the book very intriguing. The setting in Ireland was well done. You felt you were there. The descriptions of the Troubles when Ireland was fighting for independence made you think. I did find all the discussion of reincarnation a bit too much. For me, a taste of it would have been interesting, but in the second half of the book, Fox got rather carried away describing the philosophy of reincarnation. It bogged down the action.

If you're interested in Irish history and like Irish authors, you'll enjoy this book. However, if you find the idea of reincarnation disturbing, give it a miss.

I reviewed this book as part of the Amazon Vine Program: Until the Next Time by Kevin Fox.