Thursday, March 1, 2012

Romance and Intrigue in WWII London

Instead of starting her Ph.D. in mathematics at MIT, Maggie Hope finds herself in London trying to sell her paternal grandmother's house. When one of Mr. Churchill's secretaries is murdered, Maggie is convinced to take the job. She doesn't want to be a typist even for the Prime Minister. She wants to be one of the Private Secretaries, but she's told that post is closed to women. The job turns out to be a prelude to romance, intrigue and murder, but Maggie, as Churchill says, just “Keeps Plodding On.”
I enjoyed the book. The characters of Maggie and her friends are amusing. The picture of war torn London is interesting and makes you feel the tension of the era. The book is not really a mystery. The author gives the game away in the Prologue. However, it moves quickly with lots of action and small mysteries that make it fun to read.

The ending was a bit over the top. There was a great deal of action, but Maggie seemed to be taking too much of a leading role in winding up all problems. I recommend this book if you want an escapist afternoon. If you're looking for a serious mystery, this isn't it.

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