Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Very Dark Novel

The Thirteen Hallows are ancient artifacts. Apart they have power, but when brought together the power is heightened and can become deadly. The demons have been waiting for the chance to reassemble the hallows and gain the power. For many years, the hallows have been guarded by thirteen children of the blood of the original keepers. They received the hallows at the end of WWII. Now the keepers are being killed. One of the keepers convinces Sarah to take the the broken sword and keep it out of the grasp of the dark man and his mistress. The book becomes a chase scene through Wales, Britain and history.

I was fascinated by the book because I love history and fantasy. The authors do a good job of entwining the legends of the Thirteen Hallows of Britain with the story. I found that fascinating.

However, the book is filled with grisly murders and sex. Although the hallows are based in a culture of blood sacrifice, I found the murders in the opening of the novel unwarrentedly explicit. I felt the authors were looking for sensationalism instead of telling the story. The number of characters was also disturbing since their only contribution to the story was to die in a horrible fashion.

The police offices and the investigation was another area of disappointment. The officers didn't do any of the things you would expect from and investigation. They decided that Sarah was a serial killer and the chase began. I found this unbelievable.

I can't recommend this book. The material on the Hallows of Britain is interesting, but unless you like chase scenes filled with gruesome murders this is not a book for you.