Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Advice for Readers and Non-readers

Reading is one of God's most valuable gifts. Unfortunately many people don't take advantage of it. In this book Tony Reinke tries to tell non-readers how to do it without making them feel guilty. The book has excellent ideas: make a plan for what you read, read while you're waiting for appointments, and most important read with your children.

One of my favorite sections dealt with the selection of books for children. Choose books that are appropriate for their age and that can help them understand the Christian world. However, and this advice I liked best, if the book is one that you don't think they're ready to handle on their own, read it with them. I know many parents weren't happy about the Harry Potter series. Trying to keep your kids from reading a book that has that much hype is like trying to keep them from eating candy. However, if you read it with them, you can answer their questions and discuss points that you don't agree with. Great advice.

I particularly liked the way the author added quotations from theological books and books on Christian living. I found his quotes on point and they made the text more interesting.

This was a fascinating read for someone like me who reads books all the time, but I wonder if it will be used by non-readers and readers who feel uncomfortable tackling hard books, like the classics. Here the author's advice comes in handy. Give books as gifts. Give this book as a gift. Read with others. Read this book in a group. Reading is so important, I hope lots of people take Reinke's advice to heart.

I reviewed the book as part of the Crossway review porgram.