Monday, September 19, 2011

Justice or Mercy?

Audrey, the pastor's wife, has an unusual empathetic skill. She feels the pain of others physically. Audrey copes with this unusual gift by bringing bread baked by herself and her husband to those in need of comfort. Times turn difficult for Audrey and her family. Geoff, her husband, loses his pastorate, and their son, Ed, loses his scholarship to University. The family copes by opening a special bakery that makes wonderful bread. You can almost smell it baking when you read the book. One of their former parishioners believes the family guilty of vengeful actions against his family. Is he right in seeking justice, or does God rather look for mercy?

I highly recommend this book. It is a powerfully written and inspirational. The story holds your attention from the first pages to the very satisfying conclusion. The characters are well drawn; we can sympathize with people who make mistakes, but ask for and receive forgiveness. The book explores the issue of whether justice or mercy is most important in God's eyes. I thought the story made the case very well. It's a book you will never forget.