Thursday, December 15, 2016

Practicing Gratitude can Change Your Life for the Better

After completing a study of gratitude, Kaplan decided to put some of the principles to work in her own life. She started keeping a gratitude diary. Writing down something to be grateful for every day helped her see the bright side of even unpleasant things.

Kaplan began by trying to show gratitude with her husband and members of her family. Her conclusion is that giving thank yous can improved your relationship with your loved ones. Kaplan started from a very good point. She has a thoughtful husband she loves and great kids, so it’s not surprising that good became better. However, even in less perfect situations, it seems worth a try. It may at least change how you view negative encounters.

Her research extended to organizations where gratitude is the company norm. Campbell was one company that used it and found it very effective. She also explored gratitude and how it relates to money and possessions. The exercise was interesting. We can be grateful for money and possessions, but by themselves they don’t change our lives. Sharing can bring more happiness than simply have a few dollars.

The book is well written. The author interleaves experiences from her life with research and discussions with experts. I enjoyed the book and recommend it, particularly in this Christmas season.

I received this book from Dutton for this review.