Saturday, December 3, 2016

An 1900’s American Dream

Annie Wood, a maid, arrived in New York with her wealthy, titled, English lady and her daughter, and a dream of becoming a lady’s maid, a higher status position. Annie’s employer is staying with the Friesen family where the servants appreciate a rigid hierarchy that makes the lady’s maids, who are Annie’s traveling companions, comfortable.

Seeing the excitement in New York and making friends with Danny and Iris, brother and sister employed by Friesen family, Annie longs for better opportunities. Danny and Iris feel the same way, and spurred by an unpleasant incident between Annie and a member of the staff, the trio escapes from the Friesen mansion and takes to the streets. Nothing goes as planned. They’re robbed and with no place to go are taken in by the Tuttles who run a bakery.

Danny and Iris elect to stay with the Tuttles, but Annie sees a chance to better herself. She applies for a job at Macys and is accepted. Here her talent for altering and designing clothes blossoms as does her love for a Sean, who is a salesman for Butterick Patterns.

This is an American Dream story. Annie typifies the immigrants from Europe and elsewhere who saw a better future in America and were willing to sacrifice for it. Annie and Sean are likable characters. Their romance is engrossing, particularly since both remain committed to waiting to start a family.

There is a villain who pursues Annie and a myriad of colorful characters. I particularly enjoyed the background on New York at the time and the details about the fashion industry.

If you enjoy Christian historical romance, this book is well done. I recommend it.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.