Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nine Principles for Improving Your Health

Effortless Healing is a well researched book written by a qualified health practitioner. Dr. Marcola has had success treating patients with his nine principles for health. The principles include information on: drinking water, eating veggies, burning fat for fuel, exercise, the sun and vitamin D, your biome and your gut, sleep, going barefoot, and avoiding some health foods. It’s all good advice, but I wouldn’t use the adjective “effortless” to apply to much of it. If you’re familiar with Interval Training, which Dr. Mercola suggests is a good form of exercise, you know it takes a great deal of effort and desire to keep at it.

While I agree with most of what Dr Marcola says, I do caution the reader to get additional sources. Many medical studies are cited, but like most medical studies, they are correlational. This type of study allows you to see two or more factors appearing together, but you can’t say what the underlying cause is.

I also have a problem with arguing from how wonderful the diet of our ancestors was. Contaminated food and water have been available for a very long time. I agree that we are doing things to contaminate the soil, water, and air, but we also have increased longevity well beyond what most people could expect throughout history. Because we're living longer, we're also seeing more age related diseases. 

I enjoyed the book, but I don’t think Dr. Marcola makes the case for effortless health. Like most things worth having, it takes work and dedication.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.