Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Maggie Dove Encounters Witchcraft and Murder

After solving one murder, Maggie and her friends, Agnes and Helen, have opened their own detective agency. They know little about being detectives, but that doesn’t deter them. Since both Helen and Agnes have other jobs, the task of keeping the agency running falls to Maggie.

She’s alone in the office when Racine Stern, a daughter of one of the richest families in town, seeks out their services. Her sister, Domino, is planning a visit. Racine wants to pay the agency a thousand dollars if Maggie will undertake to convince Domino not to come. Domino is involved in witchcraft and other unsavory activities. Racine is afraid for herself and her invalid mother if Domino and her husband, Lucifer, come to stay.

Maggie is a strange character to be running a detective agency. She’s a Sunday school teacher who has been immersed in grief for years over the death of her daughter. In this novel, she starts to come out of her shell, but she’s still quite rigid in her beliefs. She turns down Racine’s job because she thinks the prodigal should be welcomed home. Her partners are not so sure. In fact, Agnes is furious.

The plot is focuses on dysfunctional family relationships, witchcraft and finally, murder. I find it a little difficult to see the very proper Maggie involved in stalking a killer, but the author makes it reasonably believable.

If you like cozy mysteries this is an interesting one with an unusual heroine.

I received this book from Alibi and Net Galley for this review.