Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Twisted Lives Intersect in a Small Florida Town

Maggie's life is falling apart. She lives with Cole and their son, Hunter, in Crooked River, Florida, but Cole is becoming increasingly violent. He works for Teddy Mink, the local drug lord, as a mule and is more and more caught up in the brutal side of the business.

Dieter comes to town. He's drifting. Taking a room at the rundown hotel, he wanders around the town making friends, but not giving away his secrets.

Maggie, Cole, and Dieter intersect in a drama that changes their lives.

If you enjoy character driven books with a southern background, you may like this book. Once you get into the novel the complex plot unfolds, but it's not an easy book to get into. Dieter is a very withdrawn character. We know he has secrets, but following him around for pages can become tedious.

Maggie's scenes are more action oriented, but aside from the opening, it takes awhile to get to them. Cole, likewise, has scenes that push the action. Eventually, we do find out what is troubling Dieter, but it takes time.

Personally, I like to connect with the characters up front, particularly in a character driven novel. Because of Dieter's withdrawn personality, I found this difficult to do and when the plot takes time to develop, it's hard to stay with the book.

The writing is good and the descriptions of the small town are well done. However, I can't recommend this book unless you want a very leisurely start to a somewhat predictable plot.

I received this book from PR by the Book for this review.