Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Recovery from a Life Altering Tragedy

Harmony and Trey married at the end of high school. It wasn't in their plans, but with Harmony two months pregnant the only other option was abortion, and she didn't want to consider that. Now they have a beautiful boy and are working hard to finish their college degrees while holding down demanding jobs.

The strains on the marriage are showing when tragedy strikes. Trey's car is slammed by a truck. Trey and the baby, TJ, are killed, but Harmony survives. It's almost more than she can bear. Preston, the firefighter who tries to save TJ is also broken up by the tragedy both because he's drawn to Harmony and because he thinks he should have been able to save TJ. Although it isn't in their plans, Harmony and Preston move toward a relationship.

If you love romance, this is your kind of book. From tragedy, new love grows. Preston and Harmony are good characters. Both are strong and courageous. The way they move toward each other is believable until the ending. Although the author foreshadows the ending, I still felt uncomfortable about it. It seems strained to add a little more angst to the story.

I recommend this book, if you like a good romance with minimal sex and the predictable happy ending.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.