Monday, July 4, 2016

A Treasure Hunt, Kidnapping and Romance

Bran and his former Navy SEAL friends, are living on Wayfarer Island while searching for a 1600's Spanish shipwreck. This is the second book in the Deep Six series. In the first book Bran, a former SEAL with a secret, rescues Maddy, whose father's wealth comes from oil exploration and drilling. They were attracted to each other and now they're pen-pals. Bran loves the emails, but is reluctant to meet Maddy face to face again.

This changes when Maddy decides to take three teenage girls on an overnight camping trip to Garden Key, an island a short distance from Wayfarer Island. She tempts Bran with an email telling him where she is. He's reluctant to go, but is pressured into it by his friends. As he arrives at the island where Maddy is staying, he sees armed men on the beach. Something is obviously wrong. It's another kidnapping attempt on Maddy, but now three teenagers are also in danger.

The book starts well with Bran heading off to see Maddy even though he is conflicted about it. The scene with the armed men, like all the action scenes in the book is well done. However, after the opening, the action slows down and we're mostly left with the romantic standoff between Maddy and Bran. The romance leaves much to be desired. The dialog is not believable nor is the emphasis on their hunger for each other when three teenage girls are being held hostage by armed men.

I found the plot, specifically the reason for the kidnapping attempt, less than believable. While the action scenes are good, the plot, characters, and dialog are poor. I can't recommend this book as a romance or mystery, but if you're into action scenes there are some good ones.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.