Monday, May 2, 2016

Storm Chasing and Romance

Drew McGovern was waiting for Colby,her fiancee, to return from a storm chasing trip when she received the devastating news that he'd been killed. He survived the storm chasing trip, but died helping a stranded motorist. With the help of her friends, Drew recovers from the tragedy, but she isn't sure where her life is going.

When Colby's storm chasing team invites her to come on an expedition, she eagerly accepts. She wants to see what attracted Colby. Although she isn't looking for romance, one of the team members, Aiden, Colby's best friend, attracts her.

Aiden is equally attracted to Drew, in fact, he's wanted her for years. However, he's uncomfortable acting on the attraction feeling that it's disloyal to Colby.

For me, the best part of this book is the storm chasing setting. It's unusual, and there's just enough danger to make it interesting.

Drew is an empathetic character. You can't help but root for her to get over the tragedy and move on with her life. Although she knows noting about storm chasing, she proves herself to be a gutsy lady.

I wasn't as impressed with Aiden. He starts the story as the brooding Alpha male out to make it with any woman he can convince to come to his bed. However, as the story progresses and he and Drew let their mutual attraction grow, he becomes a more likable character.

I recommend this book if you enjoy hot romance in an unusual setting. One caveat is that some of the sex is fairly explicit. If that bothers you, this is not your book.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.