Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lady Georgina Must Find a Husband Before her Secret is Discovered

Lady Georgina Hawthorne is a natural beauty, but she has a embarrassing secret. Her solution is to make the most brilliant match of the season. She believes that if she snares a powerful man, she'll be safe.

Colin McCrae is not a part of the aristocracy, but his extraordinary ability to manage money makes him sought after by those lords and ladies needing large incomes to keep up their extravagant lifestyle.

When Colin meets Georgina, he thinks she's a scheming little baggage not in the same league with the other members of her family for whom he has high regard. Georgina equally dislikes Colin. He's a mere commoner. How dare he have contempt for her?

Georgina starts the book as a rather unlikable character. We see her scheming with her maid Harrietta and wishing that her older sister, Miranda, had already married so the field would be clear for her. As the story progresses Georgina becomes a more sympathetic character. By the end of the book you can't help but root for her.

The Christian element in this book is quietly, but effectively done. Colin's religion is deep and personal. It drives his behavior, and in the end becomes attractive to Georgina. The romance in this story doesn't rely on overtly sexual behavior, but rather rests on the strong attraction these characters feel for each.

I highly recommend this book. The author's research makes the period come alive. You feel as though you were living with the characters. I won't give away Georgina's secret, but I thought the author did an excellent job making her problem real.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.