Friday, March 25, 2016

Delicious Recipes From the Ravens, a Vegan Resort

The Sanford Inn and resort is located in Mendocino, California. The setting, as seen from the pictures in the book, is spectacular. It would be a wonderful place to visit. However, if you are unable to make the trip, this cookbook is a good alternative.

The opening chapters tell the story of the owners, Jeff and Joan Sanford: how they discovered and bought the property, and their adventures turning it into an inn and fabulous restaurant. They share their philosophy of food which includes: using quality ingredients, taking care in the preparation, serving the dish beautifully, and making sure the taste is perfect. This is a formidable list, but the owners don't rest on their past successes. They are always trying new things and encouraging the staff to become part of the process.

If you are a vegan, or enjoy vegetarian dishes, this is an excellent cookbook. Some of the recipes are simple to prepare like my favorite, Ravens Frittata and Quiche. Others are more difficult and require an experienced cook, one who cares about taking time in food preparation.

I highly recommend this cookbook. Whether beginner cook or experienced chef there's something for everyone.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.