Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Victorian Mystery, a Train Accident, and Romance

After a disappointing ball where Lady Elizabeth saw people whispering about her, she and her mother board a train to return to the their home at Kellham Park. Before they reach their station, the train careens off the track in a horrible accident. Amid the fire and smoke, Lady Elizabeth pulls her unconscious mother from the train.

A handsome railway surgeon, Paul Wilcox, finds them huddled in a field and makes arrangements for them to be taken to a local inn. Lady Elizabeth feels drawn to Paul as they work through the night to save the injured passengers.

At the inn, Lady Elizabeth hears that the train wreck was no accident and that it may involve her fortune. Eager to solve the mystery, she finds herself thrust into secrets hidden in her own family.

Romance and mystery make this novel worth reading if you enjoy the Victorian Era. The pace is quite fast helped by the intertwining of the mystery and the romance. The historical background on railways seems accurate as do the other historical details.

The characters are likable. Lady Elizabeth is a determined young woman who is not afraid to flaunt the conventions of her time. Paul Wilcox believes in practicing medicine to save lives, rather than conform to the medical myths of the day. Both characters are honorable and intelligent.

I enjoyed this book. It's not primarily a mystery since the romance is more heavily featured than the search for clues. However, if you like the combination of romance and mystery, this is a good read.

I received this book from Alibi for this review.