Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Problem is Forgiveness

When five bodies are found in a sweat lodge, Mort Grant doesn't expect to be involved. The sweat lodge is in Enumclaw, outside of his territory, but when one of the murder victims turns out to be the brother of Larry's dead wife, Mort takes a role in the case.

Mort and Larry have been friends for years. A strong bond formed between them, each understanding how devastating it is to lose a beloved spouse. Now Larry has lost the connection to his dead wife. Forgiveness is a issue for Larry. His wife's killer confessed, but forgiveness is much harder.

Mort's daughter, Allie is back. She wants to be part of the family. Since she runs an international crime cartel, Mort and his son don't want her near the twins. Although Mort still loves his daughter, he can't forgive her for what's she's become.

Lydia plays a supporting role in this novel. Mort asks for her help in locating Allie. She has to agree, although it raises the possibility of returning to her role as the fixer.

This book focuses on Mort and his family. He's involved in a typical police case where they search for clues and witnesses to solve the murders. The case is interesting, but doesn't have the fast action of the other novels in the series.

I enjoyed the book because of the psychological exploration of the problem of forgiveness. What can searching for forgiveness or failing to give it do to a person? The novel illustrates this problem well.

I received this book from Alibi for this review. 

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