Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Montana Mystery Populated with Quirky Characters

Looking for a quiet place to write, Max Gallagher rents a cabin in the Crazy Mountains of Montana. His quiet is immediately disturbed when he tries to light a fire in the fireplace, fills the cabin with smoke, and discovers a dead girl stuffed in the chimney.

The girl turns out to be Cinderella Huntingdon who has been missing for five months. The teenager and a teenage boy who worked at the Huntingdon ranch disappeared at the same time and the speculation was that they were together, but only Cindy has been found.

Since it's not clear that Cindy was murdered, Sheriff Martha Ettinger's resources to pursue the investigation are limited. She suggests that Cindy's mother, Etta Huntingdon, hire Sean Stranahan to find out. Stranahan is an artist, fly fisherman and sometime detective. From this point on it's his story.

The plot has interesting twists, the Montana scenery is breathtaking, and the characters are suitably quirky for people living in a small town is in the wilds. However, the book moves very slowly, and the viewpoint shifts between characters making it difficult to identify with one character.

I enjoyed the mystery. If you're looking for a good mystery in an unusual location, you may enjoy this book, but be ready for a leisurely ride.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.