Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Coming of Age Story in a Closely Knit Barbados Community

When their mother feels unable to care for them, Dionne and Phaedra are sent to their grandmother Hyacinth in Barbados for the summer. Natives of Brooklyn, the girls find Barbados a strange place. Dionne, the elder, interested in boys and becoming a woman hates it. Phaedra, the younger sister, finds the place strangely attractive. She makes friends and feels at home there, something she never felt in Brooklyn.

The setting is beautifully written drawing the reader into the exotic local of Barbados. The girls characters are believable. You can't help feeling excited for Phaedra who is discovering a place where she feels at home and is eager to learn the culture. Likewise you can feel Dionne's pain as a teenager uprooted from her culture.

The plot while not exciting is filled with the drama and tragedy of real life. The prose draws the reader into the world of the girls and their grandmother and makes you see the beauty of love and the allure of the island.

If you enjoy coming of age stories in a different culture, this is one you'll enjoy.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley