Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When the Police and the Press are Forced to Work Together

Catherine O'Brien is none too pleased when her partner, Louise, calls her back to work. She'd planned some fun time with her husband, Garin. Now she's faced with a difficult homicide. Jonathan and Susan Luther are found dead in their home by their son, Chad. He'd be a suspect, but he's so broken up they can hardly get any information from him.

Feeling angry that the press are stalking this kid, Catherine lets loose and earns the presence of a reporter, Jane Katts, as part of their team to see how the police investigate a murder.

Catherine is sincere if lacking in tact. She feels her responsibilities as a police officer and wants to protect the family of the murder victims. Louise is beautiful and far more tactful. She uses her skills to keep Catherine from being summarily dismissed from the case. Jane is a prototype hard hitting reporter. She cares about the story – the victims, not so much.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the three women. The mystery was not captivating, but I kept reading because the interactions between the women were so engrossing

The resolution and indeed most of the clues didn't come into the story until the last third of the book, so the interaction of the police and press had to carry the story. I thought the author did a good job, but if you're looking for more action and mystery you may be disappointed.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.