Friday, November 28, 2014

Arson, Mystery and Romance

Rachael DeLuch, self-help book author, is having trouble using the L word (love) with her detective, Mason Brown. He finally told her he loves her, but she can't quite get it out. They're together in a car; she's almost ready to say it when Macon spots a house on fire, leaps out of the car, rushes into the burning house and rescues two children.

The arsonist, a woman who was jilted by her lover, takes out her frustration about losing the man in her life by setting fire to his house with his wife and children in it. She's looking for the perfect man, and when she sees Mason rescue the children, she fixes on him as her soul-mate, but she doesn't count on his attachment to Rachael.

Rachael is a great character. She's independent, full of colorful language, and after being totally self-reliant realizes how much she cares about other people including Mason's nephews, even if they do mess up her house. Myrtle, her blind bulldog, is another great character. She's also self-reliant in spite of her blindness and navigates her world with aplomb.

This book is part of a series, but the author brings you up to speed on the past without indulging in long stretches of backstory. This is the first novel in the series I've read, and I had no trouble following the characters' background.

If you like a fast paced mystery with a dollop of romance, you'll enjoy this book. The plot is fast moving; the villain is a woman you'll love to hate; and the unfolding romance between Mason and Rachael is satisfying. I recommend this book if you like a good mystery with more plot twists than violence.

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