Friday, February 14, 2014

Action and Adventure in the Land of the Giants

Thomas is now and old man serving as Forest Warden for the giants. Dark shadows creep into the land. Roving bands of brigands terrify the villages, enslaving the people and stealing their possessions. Thomas' grandson, also named Thomas is a rebellious teenager, but when his sister Rose is kidnapped by the brigands, he, like his grandfather, accepts responsibility and vows to find her and bring her back.

Book Two is much more of an action adventure than Book One. We meet more characters: Samantha, a girl taken as a slave, but with a mission; Herdshepard, a giant who has lost hope; Big John, leader of a band of brigands; and many others.

This is a more complex story than Book One. The interactions of both good and bad characters and particularly the responsibilities of the giants makes for an exciting story. The book is an excellent choice for reading aloud and can be enjoyed by both parents and children. The lessons make
good discussion topics particularly with middle grade books verging on becoming rebellious teenagers.

I highly recommend this book. It's as delightful as Book One and the illustrations complement the text well.

I reviewed the book for PR by the Book.