Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Wealthy Family Faces Tragedy in the WWI Era

On the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Daisy Lennox is caught up in the suffragette movement. In her wealthy family, this is a scandal. Daisy doesn't want to cause her parents pain, but she also wants to do what she believes is right. Her friend Ruby tempts her to come to one of their demonstrations. When Daisy sees Ruby being taken away by the police, she gets into the fray and ends up in custody herself.

The scandal of Daisy's arrest is overshadowed by another family tragedy. Her father's partner embezzled a great deal of money, and the firm is bankrupt. The loss of their fortune causes the family to move to their country place on the outskirts of Pendleton Hall. Here Daisy becomes reacquainted with her childhood sweetheart, Rupert, heir to Pendleton Hall.

Daisy and Rupert become engaged, but on the eve of their wedding war is declared and the wedding is postponed indefinitely. Daisy becomes a member of the FANYs, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. She loves the challenge and volunteers to serve in France where the bloody battles are being fought.

If you loved Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey, this is your book. Daisy is a wonderful character. She knows how a young lady is supposed to behave in upper-class society, but she wants to be her own person. She shows her grit when she first becomes responsible for the family in their move to the country and later in France.

The book is fast paced and the plot is well structured. It may even make you cry. If you enjoy romantic historical novels, Dilly Court may become you new favorite author. She's mine.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.