Thursday, November 21, 2013

Haunting and Terrifying Glimpse of an Alternate Reality

After a terrible accident, Emma wakes up unable to remember anything including her husband Declan. Although she recovers physically, she still has terrible nightmares and is haunted by memories at the edge of consciousness that she can't quite grab. Declan is attentive and loving, but Emma feels uncomfortable as though there is something she doesn't understand. Is Declan what he appears to be?

In Emma's world, women are owned by men, their bodies subject to the whims of their husbands. It's a terrifying reality. The author makes the world so real you feel as though it might actually happen. I found the book haunting my thoughts even after I finished it.

Emma is a sympathetic character. I couldn't help but like her and hope for the best. The book is filled with mystery and suspense. As Emma tries to find her past, the tension increases until the startling and unsettling climax.

If you like mystery and suspense with a touch of social problems and fantasy, you'll love this book. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. It paints a frightening picture of women's role in a nation facing serious population decline due to a lack of women and low fertility.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.