Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Thriller with a Moral Question

Treasury agent, Alex LaDuca, is facing the most important decision of her career. She has so far survived the battle with the Dosi drug empire, but she begins to wonder whether her luck will continue. Added to her problems and her joy is her romance with Eric, the handsome Broadway actor. Eric hates to see her in danger, but it's Alex's job. Would she be able to walk away from it, even to please Eric? She also struggles with an underlying moral question: when is assassination justified? She knows the Yardena Dosi will kill her if she can, but is it morally acceptable for Alex to plan to assassinate Yardena?

The story moves from the underworld of New York to Honduras and finally Panama. Although there is action, a great deal of the plot is fleshed out through Alex reading government documents and in conversation. I found the style of presentation interesting, but if you want lots of action, you're apt to be disappointed.

I found the characters likable and realistic. The love affair between Eric and Alex is well done. You can't help rooting for them to be together.

This is the final book in The Cuban Trilogy, but I found it readable as a stand-alone book. The backstory is necessary, but the author manages to work it in without becoming tedious. I enjoyed the book and recommend it if you like a thriller with a moral question.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.