Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Huge Fortune, A False Claimant, and Murder

Vaudeville is the only life Leah has known. She's played many roles and been part of many acting families since her mother died. Sometimes she's not even sure of her own name. When Oliver Beckett offers her the role of the lost heiress to an immense fortune, she turns him down. She's doing well as part of the Darling Family and doesn't want to get involved in something illegal. Then the Darlings decide to drop the members of their act that are not part of their immediate family. Leah is on her own. She tries to find work, but she's getting too old for the child parts she's always played. When Oliver reappears in her life, she is ill and at the end of her rope, so she agrees to help him.

This is the beginning of Leah's transformation into Jessie Carr. The Carr family solicitors investigate her. The family is wary, but she's so like Jessie everyone is taken in. Everyone that is but the person who knows what happened to the real Jessie.

I loved this book. Leah/Jess is a wonderful character. She's tough and smart. You can't help rooting for her. The mystery is intriguing. What did happen to the real Jessie? Leah becomes convinced she's no longer alive, but she has to prove it. The setting at the Carr mansion near Dexter in Oregon is alluring. If you enjoy a good mystery, with a likeable heroine, and an intriguing setting, you'll enjoy this book. I did.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.