Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Cyber Thriller Where Machines Take Control of the World

Jonathan Hawke is a hacker/writer. He worked for the Times until one of his hacking schemes sent his best friend to jail. The Times fired him. Now he's on his own as a free lancer. He is having trouble supporting his family, but he has a lead on a story. Jim Weller, a technology genius has been thrown out of Eclipse, the company he created. In retaliation, he's starting an advanced security firm. Hawke has the story, but Weller isn't telling him anything until one morning in New York strange things start to happen. The elevators aren't working. Jonathan is scalded by the coffeemaker, and the repairman for the copier has his finger nearly taken off.

The chaos escalates. Cars go out of control killing their drivers and any pedestrians in the way. Subway trains collide or come to a halt in the tunnels. New York is out of control and Weller knows what's happening. He starts to tell Hawke, but chaos separates them. Then Hawke's wife calls. She and his son Thomas, are in New Jersey and someone is attacking their apartment. Hawke has to find a way to get to them before something terrible happens to his wife and son.

It's hard to put this book down. The pace is very fast as Hawke races through the lethal chaos of New York trying to get to his family and also trying to find out what's happening. The details of how the electronic devices are being used to destroy the city is quite accurate. It makes you look at your cell phone with new respect and has enough of current events, like the NSA spying scandal, to make the book realistic.

I highly recommend this thriller. If you're a technology fan, you'll find it enjoyable. If you just like a good chase, you'll love it for that reason. This is one not to miss.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.