Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mostly Suspense; Some Romance

Sadie receives a phone call from an unknown voice saying her twin sister, Amelia, is going to kill her grandfather. Then she hears the shotgun blast. Was it Amelia, or one of her others making the call? Amelia has been in psychiatric care since she was a child diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, technically Dissociative Identity Disorder. Sadie can't bear to think that Amelia, or one of the others as actually killed her grandfather, but she now must go back to Slaughter Creek and find out.

Once there, she meets Jake, now the local sheriff. During high school they were an item even planning to get married, until something terrible happened in Sadie's family. She fled Slaughter Creek and hasn't been back. Now she's faced with working with Jake to find out if her sister did commit murder.

The problems of mental illness intertwine with the investigation of the murder. While it made a good story, I found places that didn't well represent the actual problems of multiple personality disorder, let alone other mental health problems. I also felt the investigation was unrealistic. Jake is basically a one man show as investigator with Sadie helping him. I would have thought that a family member, even one trained in counseling, would have been kept at arms length during the investigation to avoid any conflict of interest.

If you like suspense and romance in that order, I can recommend this book. It moves rapidly and has an interesting, if unrealistic, plot. The appeal of the story is the mystery and action. While Sadie and Jake muse about each other, the romance is secondary.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.