Monday, January 14, 2013

A Second Visit to Nidergeard

Eight years after their first visit to Nidergeard, Daniel and Freya have been called back to save the city. Niedergeard was captured by Gar's troops. It is now in ruins. They have been summoned to find the Carnys and blow it so the sleeping knights can be awakened and the final battle joined.

Eadleston is missing. No one knows why the city fell. The first task Freya is asked to undertake is to search through the ancient documents to try to understand what happened and why. In this she's joined by Aunt Vivienne, a delightful character, who knows the underworld and can recognize the right information when she sees it.

Daniel is also there to help, but his concentration is on becoming a hero, killing Gar and any of his henchmen that get in the way.

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first book. I thought the young adults were much less attractive than the children. Freya is practically incapacitated by fear and anxiety. Daniel is trying to be so macho he comes across as a loser.

The setting is interesting, but the plot is very diffuse. There are at least three major threads and a couple of minor ones. I found it difficult to see exactly where the story was heading. I can't recommend this book unless your a fan of the “Ancient Earth Trilogy.” I hope the third book will resolve some of the plot lines and bring the story together.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.