Monday, August 27, 2012

Good For Women's Prayer Groups

Leighann McCoy challenges the reader to form an intimate relationship with God through prayer. The book moves from why people find it difficult to pray to an analysis of the Lord's Prayer that Jesus used
to teach the disciples to pray.

The book is very readable. There are many stories from Leighann's life which would make good starting points for a discussion in a woman's Bible study or prayer group. I found the book very comprehensive discussing the best way to form a relationship with God and identifying some of the ways we waste our prayer time. God is not Santa Claus. Presenting him with a long wish list is counterproductive to establishing a good relationship.

I did find one aspect of prayer that could have gotten more attention. Sometimes it's good to just say 'thank you' for all your blessings.

I reviewed this book for PR by the Book