Saturday, July 14, 2012

Exciting End to the Chivies Trilogy: The Kingdom by Bryan M. Litfin

Teo and Ana are safe for the moment staying in a seaside convent at Lido di Ostia, not far from Roma. They have risked much to recover the lost books of Deus and his son and in the process fallen in love. Now Teo must leave Ana at Roma and journey back to Chivies on a mission from the Papa.

In this final installment, Teo and Ana face danger not only from the fiends with powers of the underworld, but dangers from the weather as well. The armies are massing for the final battle. The underworld seems poised to win using the dark arts of the High Priestess and her companion, the Iron Shield.

The author does an excellent job winding Scripture into a thrilling adventure story. The book is hard to put down. There's plenty of action, romance, and the battle between good and evil. I very much enjoyed the book. It can be read as an adventure story, but the inclusion of Scripture makes it so much more.

I reviewed this book for Crossway.