Monday, June 11, 2012

Rather Disappointing: Desert Drop by Rex Cusler

Alice James is thrilled to be contacted by, Corina, a sister she didn't know she had. They plan to get together, but Corina is kidnapped on the way to meet Alice. Their father, Leon Stapper, comes up with the money to pay the kidnappers, but it's too late. Alice and her partner, Jim Snow vow to find the kidnappers. The rest of the story involves their quest.

The plot moves slowly with Alice and Jim chasing the kidnappers in a typical detective fashion asking questions. The characters are rather stereotypical TV type detectives. They follow up leads and ask questions, but there's little technique since the subjects almost immediately begin spouting facts. Instead of smart dialog, it's basically a data dump. Another turn off is having the detectives constantly using their first names when they talk to each other. This is not the way people usually speak, and it gets annoying.

I can't recommend this book. I love detective stories, but I was bored by the rather tired plot. Perhaps if you love Las Vegas and are looking for a quick read, it's the book for you, if not, give it a miss.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.