Saturday, June 23, 2012

Continuing Conversations with God: Proof of the Afterlife by Brother Gary Joseph

After what he describes as a near death experience (NDE), Brother Gary Joseph began to experience visitations from dead family members and to have conversations with God and Jesus, which he calls locutions. He documented these encounters in his journal. This journal plays an important part in this book because Brother Joseph quotes long passages from it. Many of the encounters with family led to reconciliation with the departed loved one. This was particularly true with his father with whom he had an abusive relationship growing up. The depiction gives hope that even the most difficult relationships can be resolved through God's love.

I found the book difficult. The NDE is not like any I have read about previously. In fact, he was not pronounced dead and apparently didn't see a physician. Personally, I don't believe you have to have an actual NDE to come close to God or Jesus, but I found his description troubling.

The concept of the book is excellent. We should all be striving for a continuing conversation with God and Jesus and trying to find redemption for our failures, particularly our failed relationships. There is much excellent advice in this book. For that it is well worth reading. However, if you're looking to be convinced about NDEs and the afterlife, I think other descriptions are more helpful.

I reviewed this book for PR by the Book.