Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beginning Information for Landscape Photographers

The four small books contained in the Landscape Photography: Four Seasons are full of information for the beginning landscape photographer. The information is clearly not at the level of the professional or advanced amateur. For example the Spring book details the type of camera required by a landscape photographer. I assume anyone who has been involved with photography for awhile would have this equipment and perhaps more than one camera.

However, some of the discussions are more advanced. The section on filtering in the Fall book is useful. I learned about neutral density filters and got some helpful hints on how and when to use them. The discussions of photographing in various weather conditions are valuable. They're probably not news to anyone who's been doing landscape photography, but for the person starting out, they're extremely useful.

The books are small. They could be carried by a photographer who wants to have the information available in the field. I think this is part of the beauty of the packaging. For simply reading about various techniques, the packaging, four small books in an overall cover, is not optimal, but for using the books separately, it works.

I recommend the books for someone wanting to learn more about landscape photography. They're easy to read and contain valuable hints. I plan to use them when I do my next landscape shoot.

I reviewed the book as part of the Amazon Vine Program.