Monday, July 13, 2009

A Too Simple Game Plan for Selling to the Sexes

Contrary to some commentators, women and men are different. Elizabeth Pace presents a succinct account of how and why. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the research. The studies cited clearly point out the differences and how brain chemistry is responsible. Elizabeth takes her own advice and laces the scientific with entertaining examples from her own experience.

However, I thought the book stumbled in the second half, telling you how to sell to the sexes. The advice turned out to be very similar. Yes, women rely more on feelings and men more on action, but how do you reach the in between population. After the entertaining first section, the section on how to use the research felt flat.

I think the book is overly simple when it comes to addressing the practical aspects of marketing. We can certainly see how men and women are difference and even think of examples, but male and female come in many shades. I can think of women who would be turned off by relying on feelings and men who wouldn't. I know women in management who are much more action oriented than their male counterparts. Therefore, while the book is easy and fun to read, I don't think it offers a valid plan for selling to the sexes across the broad range of personality.