Monday, June 20, 2022

Embracing Your Heritage


Everyone has a family. Some families are more homogeneous than others, but most contain elements of different nationalities or racial groups. This is an excellent book for children. It can be confusing for children when trying to understand why they look like some members of the family and not others, but in the end, this book says it all. You are one hundred percent you.

The story takes the main character and her parents from a walk around the neighborhood into the city. A neighbor tells her she looks like both her parents although each has a different background. In the city she sees other people of many racial groups. The experience makes her think about who she is.

The pictures are delightful. Children will love them. I thought they fit the story perfectly. In the end the main character realizes that no matter what her parents backgrounds are, she’s a unique individual. I highly recommend this book for young children.

I received this book from Pacific Court Books for this review.

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