Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Ex-Con and a Pastor Find Love

Shay has just been released from prison for embezzling from the bank she worked for. The victim of an abusive father, a mother who died young, and a manipulative brother, Shay hasn’t had much of a chance. She pulled away from a relationship with Shooter, a drug dealer, but when her brother owed money to Shooter and others, she felt she needed to get the money for him and took it from the bank.

Feeling that she’s lost her chance at a good life, Shay is lonely and depressed when she gets off the bus from prison. It’s freezing and there’s a church in front of her. She enters to get warm, and it changes her life.

Drew Douglas, pastor of the church, feels that he is losing his faith after his wife’s death. He’s praying when Shay walks in. Meeting her, he wants to help and by helping gives them both a chance at a more fulfilling life.

This is a Christian romance. The emotion between Drew and Shay is powerful, but all at the level of propriety, no bedroom scenes. Shay has a hard time giving up her defensive attitude to accept help and friendship from others. I found this the most realistic part of the book.

As usual in a romance, the course of love doesn’t run smooth. In this case, it’s due to Shooter and Shay’s brother reappearing in her life, as well as her prison past coming back to haunt her. I enjoyed the book. Some of it seemed too good to be true. However, it was an enjoyable, quick read.

If you like Christian romance, Debbie Macomber is always a good choice.

I received this book from Penguin Random House / Ballantine Bantam Dell for this review.