Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting Your Heart’s Desire Can Create Problems

Fifth grader, Lena Daniels, and her friends are super fans of singer, Mallory Winston. When Mallory sponsors a contest to find a girl to make a movie with her, Lena jumps at the chance and surprisingly wins. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, but what Lena wants is to meet Mallory. Now she’s committed to the movie, and her whole summer will be spent in California.

Lena has exceptionally committed parents, so the whole family, Lena’s three sisters and the dog, Austin, take off for California. Lena gets her wish to meet and work with Mallory, but making movie isn’t all fun. There are plenty of things that make her life difficult.

Middle grade girls will love this book. The characters are realistic, the plot is a dream for many tweens, and the book is filled with delightful black and white pictures to illustrate the text. The story is aimed at a Christian audience. Lena talks to God in her journal and asks for his help in the hard things in her life.

For me, one of the best parts of the book was seeing how committed Lena’s parents are. Busy parents often don’t have or take the time to help their children realize their dreams. However, in this book, the whole family gets behind Lena and helps her make a success of her experience.

I highly recommend this book for tween girls, but parents can enjoy it also.

I received this book from Handlebar Marketing for this review.