Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Good Advice for Finishing Your Writing Project

29995904There are as many reasons as writers for why a project that starts with enthusiasm dwindles to a pile of paper shoved into the back of a desk drawer, or some other hiding place. The authors have grouped the excuses we use to ourselves into six categories: shame, doubt, arrogance, yearning, fear, and judgement. The authors have been afflicted with these emotional pitfalls and write knowledgeably about what they are and how to over come them.

The core suggestion in this book is having a writing buddy. This is not someone who critiques your work, but rather someone to whom you tell your goals for accomplishing the writing tasks you’ve set for yourself. Having another non-judgmental person with whom you share your accomplishments helps you to keep on track.

Using a writing buddy instead of a critique group has several advantages. Critique groups often have judgmental members who reinforce your negative thoughts, like you have no talent and will never be a published writer. Since there is no competition between you and the writing buddy, at least there shouldn’t be, you can be free to share your aspirations and keep slogging away at your project.

This program has helped numerous people complete writing projects. If you’re having trouble getting back to the novel, play, dissertation, or other project, it’s worthwhile to think of giving this a try.

I received this book from Penguin Group for this review.