Monday, February 8, 2016

A Hollywood Couple Solve a Small Town Mystery

Ten years ago, Jake left Hanover, Pennsylvania with the unsolved murder of a teenage girl behind him. His father had a stroke and needed him. Today with his writing career on the skids, Jake is faced with the mother of the girl. She's dying and wants him to come back and solve the case to give her closure.

Jake is undecided. Laura has just finished a film and needs to return to Hollywood, and he needs to work on his novel, but the desire to finish the case is very strong. At Laura's insistence, they return to Hanover to find a very different town. It's the height of the depression and the town isn't too pleased at the idea of the murder investigation being reopened.

Jake and Laura are wonderful characters. They are a good husband and wife team, loving and supporting each other. The setting is true to the era. Jake remembers the town as a prosperous small town with happy, friendly residents. When he returns, the town is shabby and the residents surly.

I very much enjoyed the book. It was like watching an old movie. The mystery was all right, but the real emphasis was on the interesting characters. If you like cozy mysteries this is a good one.

I received the book from Alibi for this review.