Thursday, March 12, 2015

Great Coach: Great Advice

Being a coach is not just about winning, although winning is important, it's also about building your players. Dru Joyce is exceptional in both areas.

Dru didn't start out as a couch, or even particularly interested in basketball. His game of choice as a kid was football. Although he loved football, his career didn't start with sports. He worked for many years as a salesman for ConAgra and coached part-time. However, a career working with kids in sports was on the horizon. After some job problems, he quit and started an AAU basketball league which in the first year had 50 teams. This success led to the offer of a coaching job with the winning team at St. Vincent – St. Mary.

Things didn't start spectacularly well for Dru at St. Vincent – St. Mary. His team lost the state championship. This is my favorite part of the story. The team was devastated. Dru was devastated, but instead of giving way to his depression, he began to analyze what went wrong. This analysis let to the excellent advice in this book. He didn't give up, or blame others. He started working to build his team.

If you're a basketball fan, you'll love this book. If you work with kids, I highly recommend it. The advice fits more than sports teams. If you just like a good story, it's a great read.

I reviewed this book for PR by the Book.