Friday, October 24, 2014

Difficult Questions for Christians

Three of the most difficult questions for Christians involve hell, judgment, and holy war. Does God send people to hell because he likes to torture them? Does God's judgment mean that most of us, even people who have never heard of Jesus, will not be saved? Why does God allow so much violence on earth?

These are tough questions, and I suspect that most of us have pondered them. What they boil down to is: If God is a loving God, how can the things the Bible tells us about him be true? In this book, Butler takes a hard look at these questions and using the Bible and other sources presents well reasoned arguments for why God is good, and the negatives we fear are not real.

This is a very helpful book. It's well written and draws you into Butler's arguments. He uses episodes from his own life and his questioning of the gospel to make his arguments easily understandable. His style makes the reader feel comfortable with having doubts. It shows him that he is in good company,
and that his faith can be strengthened by wrestling with the hard questions.

I enjoyed this book. If you are having doubts about Christianity, this is an excellent book. The arguments are presented clearly there is no talking down to people who are not clergy. I highly recommend it.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.