Monday, July 7, 2014

A Modern Locked Room Mystery

Jessica Daniel, recently promoted to Detective Sargent, is assigned an impossible case. The body of a woman is found in her locked home. While Jessica and her immediate superior, Cole, try to figure out how the killer could have gotten into the house, another body turns up. This time a man is found strangled in his locked house.

The case continues to frustrate the police, and their morale isn't improved by the newspapers accusing them of incompetence. Jessica is particularly frustrated because someone is leaking information to a reporter on the Herald. Although she and Cole are following all leads and trying to figure out the puzzle of the locked room, nothing seems to work for them.

If you enjoy police procedurals, this is an easy book to read without any serious violence and bloody visuals. The plot is interesting, but it's not hard to figure out who the killer is, and the twists are predictable.

I felt the book bogged down because of all the time is spent on Jesssica's life outside of the police. She is in some ways a difficult character to like. She seems more aggressive and out of control than you would expect in a newly promoted police officer.

The novel is set in Manchester. I enjoyed the glimpses of the city. Although not lovely, the background makes the story believable.

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