Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three Search and Rescue Teenagers Encounter a Serial Killer

Alexis, Ruby and Nick joined Portland Search and Rescue (SAR) looking for a way to belong. Alexis wants an extra curricular activity to help her get into college. Nick wants to be a hero like his father. Ruby is incredibly bright, interested in crime and forensics, and wants a way to use her intelligence. Each is in some way is a misfit.

On their first real mission, searching of an autistic man who has wandered into the woods, they find the body of a teenage girl. The police aren't interested in having help from three teens. They're convinced that the murder is an isolated incident, but Ruby is convinced that it's a serial killing. When the police seem to be fumbling, the three teens decide to search for the killer.

The book presents authentic information about Search and Rescue operations. The author provides the information without becoming heavy handed. This should work well for teenage readers.

The characters come across as real. I liked the way the author devoted individual chapters to each teen and to the killer. Seeing the action from different perspectives gave the story depth. I particularly liked Ruby. She is
bright, but has trouble relating to other people. Although not a typical teenage problem, it does affect very bright adolescents. They feel out of place with both their peers and with adults.

I highly recommend this book for middle school teens. Adults could also enjoy the mystery, particularly is they wanted insight into some special teenagers.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley