Monday, December 2, 2013

International Intrigue

Nicky Thorneycroft wakes up with a bad hangover unable to remember the blonde woman he spent the night with. It could have been his ex, Claire, but he's recently broken up with her, so he'd like to know who the mystery woman was.

He's an executive recruiter in Luxemberg. A candidate for the position of VP to work the REE, Russian, Eastern Europe, recruiting is expected. Nick is tasked with being her contact and bringing this desirable prospect into the company. It's particularly important because the company is on the verge of a merger and wants to be able to show that they have a business presence in this area. Nick is enchanted by the prospect, Kate Novakavich, and decides to find out if she was the mystery woman.

Set in Luxembourg, but with a background of the election campaign in Russia, this is a fast paced thriller. If you like action, you'll enjoy this quick read. Possibly because the book is so short, I felt that the characters were not well developed and at times the plot became confusing. This led to an unsatisfactory ending
. Not all the plot lines are resolved. We get a conclusion, but it seems there is much more to the story.

The a short read is fast paced, and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Nick is a sympathetic character, so you can't help but root for him to solve the mystery of who was in his bed.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.