Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Runaway Bride Ten Years Later: Chose the Wrong Guy Gave Him the Wrong Finger by Beth Harbison

Quinn is at the church ready to walk down the aisle to marry Burke, the love of her life, when Burke's brother, Frank, asks her to step outside. He has something important to tell her. Burke has been playing around with another girl. Devastated, Quinn runs back into the church,walks down the aisle, and smacks Burke effectively ending the wedding. Then she goes off for a weekend in Vegas with Frank, but that isn't the happy ending of the story.

Ten years later, Dottie. Burke and Frank's grandmother, is getting remarried. Quinn, who now owns a bridal
shop, is making the wedding dress and Frank and Burke are back in town to help Dottie clear up the farm in order to sell it. The boys aren't sure they want the farm sold. Quinn isn't sure how to deal with her old beaus, and Dottie is hoping for a second happy marriage.

This is a fun romance. Middleburg, Virginia, in the middle of horse country, is a beautiful setting. The characters are like people you know. This gives the book a cozy feel. Getting to know Quinn and her men is a good way to spend a quiet weekend.

Although I enjoyed the book, I couldn't get into it until after the first chapter. I felt the author spent too much time in Quinn's head going over and over the same ground. It may be realistic. She was contemplating a life changing step, but I got bored with the emoting and wanted to see what the outcome would be. However, the book does pick up after the first chapter and by moving back and forth between ten years ago and the present, we got to know the characters well and understand their motivations. If you like romance and beautiful settings, this is a great book. The title says it all.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.