Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Journey to Embarthi to Protect the Magic Sword, Eirian: The Call of Eirian by C. Aubrey Hall

The Journey to Embarthi to Protect the Magic Sword, Eirian

Orphaned by the murder of their parents, the twins, Diello and Cynthe, now homeless are journeying to Embarthi, the home of their Fae mother. When their parents were killed the twins discovered that their simple life hid many secrets, the most important that the powerful sword, Erian, was hidden on the farm. Now the twins are keepers of the sword and are trying to reach Embarthi, and they hope safety.

This book is a delightful fantasy filled with Fae, Faelins, goblins and other magical creatures. The twins journey through a wintery landscape where they must contend with the threat of starvation and the fear of being discovered by the goblins who killed their parents in order to gain possession of the magical sword.

If you like fantasy, this is a fun book. The characters are well drawn and the setting imaginative. I particularly liked the fact that the boy twin, Diello, is given a major role. It should make the book more interesting for boys.

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