Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fascinating Look at a Guilty Client and the Attorney Who Defends Her

On a hike in the mountains, Rena Richardson pushes her husband off a cliff hoping that he's dead. This is the start of an engrossing novel. Although we know Rena is guilty, her attorney doesn't. Alex is a young attorney who specializes in divorce cases, usually talking the woman's side. She's convinced that men are the problem and advises women to make sure they have all the documentation to take their straying husbands to the cleaners in a divorce case. Because of her orientation – the woman is always right – she's blind to the fact that Rena is acting in a rather bizarre fashion.

The interplay between the two women and the juxtaposition of them giving their sides of the story is a powerful presentation. We know who's guilty. We can't help rooting for Alex, but events keep piling on the tension to bring the women into an uneasy partnership.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Moving back and forth between the two characters definitely keeps you turning the pages. Well written, great suspense and a fascinating environment: all these make the book well worth reading.

I was a little disappointed in Alex, the attorney. I thought she was a bit too naive and trusting. I had trouble seeing an attorney who had been practicing for awhile act as she did. However, her specialty makes it understandable, if not completely reasonable.

Like other reviews, I was disappointed that the book had to be continued into a sequel. I thought it could have easily fit into one book. The cliff hanger at the end seemed contrived. Still, it was a great read. It was particularly interesting because of the Christian element using music to come to Christ. I thought that was an excellent treatment. Definitely a book to read.

I reviewed this book as part of the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.